Aper Yang Uols Fikirkan?

Farah Waheda Wahid
Source Extracted from Google

Cerita nih dah about 2 or 3 weeks ago punya cerita... and at the beginning rasa cam just wanna keep it to myself... but today tiba-tiba terasa macam nak share pulaks dengan uols...

About 2 or 3 weeks ago, I've received a call from an organization yang it seems wanted to offer me a position in the Chairman office with a good pay which is obviously variance compared to my current pay tu agak besar jugaklah jurangnya... The conversation went fine...tapi bila sampai satu part tu rasa cam... erksss... sekarang ni punya trend cenggitu ker? Tak taulah pulak kan?

Bla...bla...bla...we had a good conversation on the phone and suddenly come to this part... "Occay Farah, just one more questions before we hang down... ARE YOU A FREEHAIR OR WEARING TUDUNG?"... Soklan tu yang ditanya uols... Tiber-tiber kannn.... secara automaticnya terasa sedikit SENTAP di hati dengan soklan tuh.... Bukan sentap sebab terasa ker aper ker yang saya ni at this moment freehair... tapi sentap dengan sentimen persoalan tuh... Cam terasa ada unsur-unsur double standard di situ... Why should the question came in in the first place? And for Allah sake, you are from a big corporation that is well known... and semua orang akan rasa cam...vah vah vah... I am proud to be in this organization.... Aiyarkkssss....

Dengan ada rasa terkilan dengan soklan yang diajukan tu....saya pown jawablah dengan sarcastic-nya... "At this moment, yes I am a freehair but then quite soon I will be a hijabster myself... will that be a problem?"...Nak tau dia jawab ape? "Yeah, actually our Chairman doesn't like those who wear tudung because normally those who wear tudung got problem with the work attitude and quality..." Cisss...sungguh kurang asam betol jawapan tuh... And guess what? Chairman tu orang Melayu Islam kita kay.... What on earth are they thinking? Kenapa nak double standard cenggitu....

Berhijab ker, x berhijab ker...semua orang carik rezeki yang halal untuk diri sendiri dan keluarga... physical appearance doesn't define who you are lah.... yang penting how we deliver, attitude towards work and quality of work and the performance on result-driven basis... contributions towards the organization to say it all.. Jangan kerana a few of bad experiences makes you to conclude that betol tak? Jangan double standard.... ramai juga yang berhijab tapi a very excellent employee, dan ada juga freehair yang tak berkualiti... Jangan suka-suka keluarkan statement sentiment cenggitu...

Inside of my mind I was thinking... so what...kalau I berhijab in the mere time now... are you gonna sack me? Oh nooo.... mentaliti aper yang diaorang bawak nih? What say you? Eventhough I masih lagi freehair... I feel offended too... And opkosss I rasa offended.... What say you?

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  1. oic...benci nye dgn chairman melayu yg berperangai cam tu..kenapa nk pelih kasih...

    hope nyue xjauh dr bos yg cam tuu...

  2. Astaghfirullah. Apa kejadah dia asked such question. Dlm islam dh ckp yes kita mmg wajib dgr ckp pemerintah or ketua tp bukan pd perkara yg bertentangan ngan ajaran islam. Yg ckp ngan akak tu mmg tau ikut apa je ckp chairman tu. Kn dh slh tu.

  3. wah company apa tu..? suruh chairmain amek non muslim terus..dah sah2 tak pakai tudung punya...

  4. @Nyue:
    mudah-mudahan dijauhkan... aminnn.... ^_^

    @Nurfaezah Abdullah:
    itulah pasal...

    company tu big corporation.... nama dirahsiakan sebab nanty boleh jd issue dan menimbulkan spekulasi.... bahaya tau...

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