Save Me from Myself...

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Talk when I need to listen. Shut me up when I'm not making sense. Tell me when I'm wrong, and call me out when I'm being a hypocrite. I mentioned above not to suggest that I change as a person, but also don't let me fear the concept of change all together. Encourage me to try new things and expand my horizons. Force me to go on adventures, to experience different ways of life, to journey out of my comfort zone. 

Remind me that nobody's perfect. Making mistakes is okay, but don't allow me to keep making the same ones. Allow me to grow as a person, but if I'm being stubborn, make me grow. 

Convince me to let go once in a while, throw caution to the wind. Sometimes, I tend to over-analyze situations, resulting in apparent pessimism. When I call this feeling "realism", push me to be optimistic. Push me to dream a little bigger and caught up in my dreams. And when I stray too far from the ground, pull me back down to Earth and remind me to be realistic.

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