Product Review #3: I Love Gucci Guilty! ^_^

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Dulu-dulu sebelum pakai Gucci Guilty nih, saya suka dengan candy smell perfumes by Gucci iaitu Envy Me... Mana-mana pegi mesti duk sembur perfurme tuh.... Tapi semenjak Gucci Guilty nih keluar... saya jadi peminat plaks pada Gucci Guilty... ^_^

The scent just suits me very well... Ada floral fruity scent with a hint of spiciness, yang mana bau dia memang tahan dari siang sampai ke malam kalau hari kita tu panjang... Sukaaaa sangatttt dengan bau dia yang unique tuh... Strong Spicy and Sexy... 3 S...He he he... Dia bukannya bila kita bau.... "Ha, ni mesti Gucci Guilty!"... X x x... It's more like "Mmm...nice fragrance. It smells familiar..." ^_^ Gabungan mandarin, pink pepper, peach, lilac, geranium, amber dan patchouli.

I wear this one on days when I dress up a little for the office. 2 spritzes, one behind each ear does it for me. Its enough to trail a waft of scent, but not so strong that when people enter the office lift with you, their eyes start to water... ekekekeke... Ada orang tuh, kadang-kadang macam mandi perfume, bila dah keluar dari toilet bau dia still tertinggal kat belakang lagi... Huh... kadang-kadang fenin pown ada...

Seyesly, sapa-sapa yang cadang nak beli perfume tuh, gi lah try kat perfume parlour kat shopping complexes tu dulu kalau belum pernah bau Gucci Guilty nih... sapa-sapa nak wat hantaran kahwin pown, rasanya tak rugi kowt kalau beli set Gucci Guilty nih? Even mahal sikit, tapi it's worth la... Even better half saya pown suka menye-pray Guilty nih... ^_^

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  1. pernh cnmfrm myengat la bau gucci ni kan...heheheheh.......

  2. :) perfume ni klu tlbh mmg pening la jwab ye..tak pernah lg pkai perfume mahal2x kak..huhuhu

    1. @ayut:
      ayut kalau terlebey minyak wangi bukan fenin lagi dah... pitam pown boley... sah sah mandi minyak wangi kan org tu...

      x pe x pe ... adalah rezeki tu satu hari nanty... akak pown kumpul2 duit baru beli...

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