New Excitement for Me

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Alhamdulillah, there's new excitement awaiting in the near future... Aper tuh? Boss keep his promise, akan ada one new thing that I will work on for the organization... ^_^ That's what I'm always looking forward to... Hu hu hu...Al-maklumlah...dulu kan pernah cerita...saya nih jenis tak suka stick and stiff wat satu benda yang sama jer berulang kali... (sapa pown cenggitu ye tak? unless you think what you have is just enough and you are not looking forward for new things and challenges lagi...rasa rasa dah cukup jer apa yang ada and nak settle down).

Seyesly, I'm someone yang always look for new challenge, new opportunity and new adventure dalam career routine...and I always have this principe in my heart and mind and in my soul and body... I wanted to be more than what I am now... Whatever that I've achieved so far, alhamdulillah, syukur sangat pada Allah dan berterima kasih pada Allah di atas limpah kurnianya...Berkat doa and support from my better half and both of my parents... Thanx Allah...Thanx my lurvelies for being there for me...

Bukan terlalu mengejar keduniaan semata-mata, dan jangan tersalah sangka pulak yang saya lupakan akhirat... Tidak sekali-kali tau... dunia dan akhirat kan kena diimbangkan...Jadi saya sedang cuba untuk mem-balance-kan kedua-dua...InsyaAllah...

To u peeps out beloved readers, fwens, BFF, stalkers and whomever that dropping by blog picisan ini, never stop working on what you've always preach for, never stop putting an effort and never stop learning...Life is a learning process... Bit by bit...InsyaAllah you'll get better each day... I lurve uols... If saya happy dengan life, berjaya wif whatever am doing... Saya pown nak uols pown sama... Sama-sama kita improve diri kita ek dari kurang baik kepada baik, dari baik kepada yang lebih baik, dari yang lebih baik kepada yang terbaik...

*Erkss...dah macam bagi speech la pulak kan...Yada yada yada... Mind me...or just ignore repekans ku inih... ^_^

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