Deepavali Vathukal...

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Musim Bank Holiday dah tiba lagi... Ha ha ha...nak keje pown mood ntah menghilang ke mana tapi kena kerja jugak ye tak? Demi sesuap nasik dan juga rezeki buat family... Begitulah bagi kita-kita yang hidup dengan tanggungjawab...Jangan jadi seorang yang tak bertanggungjawab occay? Peringatan untuk diri sendiri dan juga uols...

Occaylah apa-apa pown, dengan opportunity yang ada di sini pada hari ini, here's wishing all my Hindu friends and their families a wonderful Deepavali and a day of great joy! Spend some quality time with your family, friends and beloved ones. This is a time of the year that you should put-away the materialistic living and come to reality that all of us need each other to survive immaterial of race, religion and colour. Learn to love everyone so that everyone would love you the same. Hate and anger is not going to bring us peace, happiness and prosperity. One is just hurting one's self by carrying the cancer of anger and hate. Learn to give so that you will be given.

Valgha Valargha (Let Us All Prosper with Prosperity)...Ahaks dah macam bagi ucapan selamat hari raya la pulaks... Apa-apa pown untuk kengkawan yang lain Happy Bank Holiday! Lepas nih kita sambut Awal Muharram plaks... *_^.

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  1. nad duk area org india , sangat sangat havoc mereka nak smbut deepavali . ngeee

  2. :) slmt menyambut deepavali!utkkite pulak..slmt menyambut cuti..ahaks1! :p

  3. @Nadiah_Rahman:
    seriously? my neighbour is Indian...tapi dia tak der senyap jer lah... mesti super duper meriah kan Nad?

    yesh...sudah semestinya...selamat menyambut cutiiii.... ^_^ besh besh...

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