An Open Letter: Out with the 20's, In with the 30's

On this day, at this hour bersamaan dengan 7 Safar 1403, lahirlah seorang budak tecik perempuan yang kat bawah nih...

Budak perempuan yang suker sangat dalam gambar nih, diberi nama Farah Waheda Binti Wahid. Puteri tunggal dan juga anak tunggal kepada mama dan papa saya. It's my birthday today! I've decided to take a break from the beauty blogging for a moment untuk memberi laluan kepada entry special nih... (special la kunun... ahaks... ni cam syok sendiri jer?); an open letter to myself and to anyone who may choose to read it... ^_^ Sapa yang nak bacer lah...

I am writing this not because I think I'm wise, but because I hope this may benefit some of you, or at least give you some food for thought, and also because by putting it here, dalam blog Cik Puan Buih ni, I'm making a commitment to always keep this in mind and believe in it, even when things are a little tough. So here goes!

Dear Self,

Happy 30th birthday! Alhamdulillah, syukur padaMu Ya Allah di atas kurniaan rahmat dan nikmatMu sama ada secara sedar atau tidak. Today marks 30 years of me being on this planet, and while it may be a little sad to part with your 20s, (hu hu hu...dah 3 series dah akak sekarang uols), it's also a little exciting to think of all the new possibilities that the new decade will bring. ^_^. While it is true you are sacrificing a little of your youth, you are also gaining in terms of wisdom, experience and maturity (ahakss... hopefully, anyway). Sure, you may not be quite where you had intended to be, but life is all about the journey and destination di sana nanty. So be kind to yourself by being a little flexible and allowing yourself a little leeway.

Here are several things you have learnt along the way, it might be best to keep them in mind for when the seas get a little rough.
  • It's perfect normal to miss someone. Missing someone is a way of acknowledging the richness they brought into your life, but I am a believer that people enter your life for a reason. Bukan suka-suka jer...
  • You will NEVER EVER be able to please everyone. Therefore, it is much easier to be true to yourself and your beliefs (within reason) as you are the only person in this world who will ever have your own best interests at heart.
  • It has been a year where you have cut ties with many people, for many reasons. But while it may seem a little lonely at times, it is best to sever ties with people who drain you emotionally, physically and mentally, and be at peace with yourself and the world. Friendship should be easy, not something that you have to struggle with continually.
  •  It is occay to feel a little flat sometimes, and it is occay to just have a little cry if you need to. Always remember, though, that tomorrow is a new day and brings new possibilities, and leave your sadness behind and start afresh.
  • There will always be people who need to put you down to feel better about themselves, but it is far more satisfying to take the high road (although it may, admittedly, not feel that way sometimes), and know that you are the bigger, and better, person for it.
  • It is also occay to doubt yourself from time to time, self-reflection is a good way of reassessing your goals and there is a very fine line between confidence and arrogance.
  • It may sometimes seem like life is not progressing the way you might like it to, but considering that to be a failure is belittling the successes you had along the way, which, while small, were hard fought and won, and without which, you would not be the person you are today.
  • Remember that the biggest satisfaction is from doing things because you wanted to, not because you were expected to or because you felt you should.
  • Comparing yourself to other might be impossible to avoid, but remind yourself that everyone has their own journey, their own trials and their own tribulations, and dawn will always come, no matter how dark the night might seem (in other words, all things eventually come to an end).
  • Above all, always try to be the best person you can be, for you need to be able to face yourself in the mirror and be at peace with who you are.
Here's to an amazing decade ahead, In shaa Allah and may it surpass all expectations!

Me, myself and I

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  1. @nur anis:
    thanx adik... ^_^ appreciate the thoughts much...

  2. HAPPY 30th BIRTHDAY, akak :) best of wishes all the way from Brunei ^^

    p/s: like your english usage ^^

  3. fuhh nasib sempat nak ucap... selamat datang ke kelab cik farah...hahaa

  4. @Nurfaezah Abdullah:
    thanx dearie... ^_^

    terima kasih timi... best x kelab tuh?

  5. mesti lah best cik farah...hihihi

  6. alamak, terlambat tak ni nak wish selamat ulangtahun kelahiran? hehe..
    pape pun selamat ulangtahun kelahiran, moga kehidupan fara sentiasa diberkati oleh-NYA..amin.. :)

    *hehe..faraa..ramai juga geng sy yang tak makan semua tu..ingatkan sy je..takut jgk orng kata memilihkan..rupanya ramai juga yng tekak serupa..hehehe*

  7. @Hatimi:
    apa yang beshnyer...cerciter?

    aminn.... thank you very much...

    thank you adik cayang... ^_^

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