You Know My Name But Not My Story

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People like it when you tell them things, in suitable portions, in a modest, intimate tone. They think they know you, but they don't. They know about you, for what they are let in on are facts, not feelings, not what your opinion is about at all, not how what has happened to you and how all the decisions you have made turned you into who you are. What they do is, they fill in curiosity with their own feelings and opinions and assumptions, and they compose a new life which has precious little to do with yours. But that lets you off the hook. No one can touch you unless you yourself want them to.
I've never mislead anyone. I've let people fool themselves. Some don't even bother to find out who and what I am. Many will try to invent a character for me, but I don't bother trying to prove to them otherwise. Those who matter, know me. My only concern is my character, because my character is what I really am, while my reputation is merely what others think I am. So don't be so quick to judge, you only see what I choose to show.

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  1. Jerawat pasir ke dear...
    Aah..muke cik pon xde jerawat..bebaru ne pon tumbuh subur kat muke ne bak strwberry.Gatal sangat tgan ne pegi korek.Skunk dah meninggalkan jejak kat muke..huhuhuhuhu..

  2. tinggal komen kat salah entry ke hape? ^_^ ekekekeke....

    X de lah naik bak strawberry...

    Cikk...lain kali kalau ada jerawat janganlah usik...biar jer...nanty dia elok sendiri...

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