Teach Your Mind, Teach Your Heart

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There's time yang kita rasa macam...aduyaiii...tak sukanya nak buat something, or alamaks, tak sukanya ngan situation nih or oh no, i hate this... ^_^. Normal lah kan? Semua manusia biasa akan rasa mender nih...Tak kira tua ataupun muda, sekolah lagi ker ataupown dah kerja...

As example la kan... bila wat kerja kat office, kita rasa cam kita tak suka giler nak wat satu-satu kerja tu... cam kita rasa ala letihnya, lecehnya, remehnya... tapi by hook or by crook, u still need to get it done...sebab itu tugas kita..Jadiiiiii.... teach your mind, teach your heart...InsyaAllah everything will be occay occay je and you will manage to get through it...

Teach your mind that by doing it, it is not really something yang troublesome, teach your heart that you got your own sweet time doing it and you enjoy doing it... Teach your mind to slowly take it step by step and by doing it slowly you will managed to get it done, (finally)... trust me...by doing it bits by bits... at last kita akan manage jugak habiskan apa yang perlu dihabiskan dan bila dah complete...Yeshh....it is a satisfaction...I mean...FULL SATISFACTION kay? (talking from own experiences la nih).. I do face this situation at times at work, tak kiralah kat mana keje pown... But I manage to get through those situations cause everytime this happens, I am trying my best to teach my mind and teach my heart... Whenever I feel this, I keep on telling myself to open my heart and to open my mind...secara tak langsung, I do not put pressure to myself... Alhamdulillah so far, the result from this tak mengecewakan...

Why? Sebab always bear in mind...whatever happened and whatever happens still gonna happen as fated and following the nature... kun fa ya kun... no matter we like it or not... something that meant to happen will happen... So, nak tak nak, kena redah jer la kan... lagi lagi kalau mender tu dah jadi ritual or work nature or life nature kita... So..as a human being yang berpaksikan kepada Allah di bumi ini yang berpegang kepada Rukun Iman dan juga Rukun Islam...Kita kena lalui hari-hari yang mendatang dengan baik... Jadi cuba lalui hari-hari itu dengan sebaiknya... Walaupun kita tak suka nak wat sesuatu tu ataupun face sesuatu tu...

*Honestly, there's still lot for me to learn and improvise... however, apa-apa pown pesan my better half...kita kena sentiasa berbalik kepada yang satu... dan sentiasa ingat kepada yang satu itu... ^_^

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