Lost Hours of Sleep...Yawnnnn

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I lost my hours of sleep for the past 2 days...and now here I am..yawning in the meeting room, yawning in front of my PC at my workstation...haihhh...and I am trying my best to open my eyes now... Sedaya upaya uolss... Terasa berat sangat kelopak mata nih... hu hu hu...

Tu la, padan mukaaaa.... sape suruh tito lelambat lagi... Abis tu nak wat cam mana...tak ley nak lelap.. ^_^ (alasan, walhal cbuk wat mender-mender lain...hupdate blog lah, kemas bilik lah, kemas rumah lah, gosok baju lah....wakakakaka...padan muka tak kat diri sendiri?)...

Tapiii...mata dah tak nak tidur nak wat cam maner?... And really hari ni my body feel cam x besh jer... Ni migraine dah start melanda dah nih... Tapi malas nak tekan ubat... Jap lagi nih meeting lagi nih... Uhukss...dah la yawning, lepas tu banyak errands, banyak meeting... OMG... Sabar jer lah menunggu the clock strucks 5.30 p.m. ^_^

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  1. Migraine???nape tak makan ubat dear..alahaiiiiii...babab kang :P

  2. adoiiii...sakitnya kena babab dengan Cikkk.... :p

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