Awaiting for the Miracle in Tummy

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Ooopsss... sabar-sabar... am not yet expecting... but yet awaiting patiently for the miracle in my tummy... ^_^ the age coming to the end of 2 series and coming to the early 3 series kan? Wut else a woman dream and preach for? Besides a loving hub, a career, beautiful life and beautiful babies? 

Having a baby is usually a happy time in a woman's life. I saw my fwens getting preggy...gave birth... carrying their babies around... cute... naluri keibuan tu dah sampai dah...nampak x? I'm a bit behind? ^_^...ekekekeke...and of course la whenever dah surrounding u cenggitu ...u pown teringin kan? But then, setiap orang ada rezeki masing-masing kan? InsyaAllah... Allah tu Maha Mengetahui, Maha Pemurah dan Maha Mendengar doa hamba-hambanya yang ikhlas... Aminnn...

Just wondering and trying to imagine it very hard honestly... How would I be when I am expecting? Would I be experiencing morning sickness or instead of me my hub will be the one who's gonna experiencing it? Grouchy? Moody? Super sensitive? or I'm gonna be normal as usual? Ngeee.... ^_^... 

Dan dalam banyak-banyak perkara boleh x? Ade ker dok fikir...whenever am surfing the net or am blogging.... saya ni suka meniarap atas katil...rasa cam selesa cenggitu... if really am expecting... huwaaa....lepas nih no more lah nak meniarap atas katil blogging... terpaksalah duduk pulak or cari meja untuk menaip... ekekekekeke... 

*Awaiting for tha miracle moment to happen... InsyaAllah...Amin...Dengan izin Allah... 

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