Sangat X Sesuai Occay!

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Guess what? Pepagi lagi sesubuh sapei dapat detect yang my e-mail account (not Gmail but then Hotmail) kena hacked kay? How do I know? My Ms Apple couldn't push the email notifications and appear dialog box saying that... "your username/password is incorrect..."...Pergh...sape la punya keje nih kan? (hish x baik tuduh orang tau!)

Ye lah...tapi tak ke kepelikan? Then, ape lagi sampai sampai jer office letak jer handbag terus je saya bukak PC and try to log in vide PC tapi sah sah dah kena hacked...Aikk...saper pulak yang berminat sangat dengan email saye nih? Nak geledah ape? Sepanjang gunakan hotmail tak pernah lagi kowt kena hacked... Nak kata virus tak jugak...nak kata bukak email spam...lagi langsung tak pernah...dah sah sah spam kan?

Ngadu kat my better half... borak-borak lah ngan dia jap pepagi sebelum start keje tadi... then better half suruh cepat-cepat tukar password and recover... Ha ha ha...takkan la better half saya nak hacked kan? Sebab eventhough dia tau password saya...tapi dia tak amik port pown and access Internet pun limited jugak untuk dia... Dia tak berapa nak keysah sangat pasal email-email nih and FB-FB nih... Katanya face to face lagi senang...Heee....

So...nak dijadikan cerita...dengan jayanya saya dah menukar password saya...Let's see... ade lagi ke orang yang cuba nak hacked... Then if there is...meaning there is something really wrong somewhere or else it's just those virtual viruses or anonymous hackers yang berleluasa out there... Hurmm...

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