My World Without Coffee

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Adehh... so for this few weeks, at least for a while, my world gonna be without coffee... Apa sebabnya? Only my gegirls yang tau... So untuk gegirls gegirls sekelian di sana, I am taking up the challenge kay?

When I told someone dear to me, all that burst out from the mouth... "So, is it I need to trust you on this or I actually trust you...?"... Ekekeke... Memang dah masak sangat kan? Setiap hari bersama, setiap hari bercerita, setiap hari memerhati...those who are close to me memang tau that either Starbucks or Coffee Bean or Gloria Jeans memang tak pernah lekang dari saya... Lebih-lebih lagi bila di office baru nih... Almost once a day melawat ke Starbucks Parlour kat bawah office tu... Boleh rabak x poket? Sometimes, saya pakai voucher, sometimes pakai the Privilege Card, sometimes redeem my free drinks... Sampaikan owang-owang di situ dah naik kenal la muka saya nih... 

The moment I step in, they already knew my hu hu... Dashsyat betol addictionqu yang satu nih... Sabar jer lah... Ntah, tak tau naper, tapi rasa cam very very tempting and I am craving for it almost everyday.... Rasa cam, indahnya dapat either Caramel Machiatto or Caramel Frapuccino or Salted Caramel Mocha Frapuccino...Saiz plaks tu bukan calang-calang... mesti nak Venti... hu hu hu... Buruk nor perangainyer ye tak.... Sampai kena bebelan la... Cam ner you nak simpan duit nih... hu hu hu... Jangan risau...duit beli nih tak pakai pown duit simpan ek.... Ada jer duit simpan tu... It's still gonna be enuf to serve the purpose...

Tapiiii.... bila dah ada challenge nih... my world without coffee a.k.a. Say No to Caffeine... I believe adalah orang tu yang bahagia dan suka...wakakaka.... Anyway... I hope that cabaran nih berjaya dilaksanakan lah ye tak gegirls ku sekalian?... Wish me all the best for my world without coffee.... And we wait for the result together-gether ek? 

Pas tu next to go is another gegirls babe in group... ;)

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