To My Future Kids

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Wah, dah siap-siap nak bagi pesanan walaupun belum apa-apa... Ye lah, belum merancangkan untuk mendirikan keluarga lagi tapi dah siap berangan bagai nak bagi pesanan to my future kids... Saper yang tak nak ada anak yang comel-comel kan? Semua orang nak...lols... Kalau adapun mungkin ada sebilangan yang memang tak fikir langsung pasal nih kan? Itu hak individu masing-masing, x ley nak cakap apa lah kan?

Occaylah, to my future kids:

#1: solat jangan tinggal, sentiasa ingat Allah, jadilah anak yang beriman serta menghormati kedua ibu bapa dan orang-orang yang lebih tua.

#2: no matter what, follow your dreams. when people say to you: "you can't do it." turn around, smile and say: "watch me."

#3: my son I'm going to teach you how to be a man & treat women right & my daughter I will teach you how to be classy not trashy

#4: don't try to hide things from me. I will know more than what you think & will eventually find out what you're hiding from me.

#5: I'll try my best to make sure to raise you well, & give you everything you want/need as long as you don't loose my trust.

#6: I promise you're going to have the childhood I never had & it's going to the best.

#7: you will be loved unconditionally for who you truly are.

#8: I want to see you do better than your parents did. Make us proud.

#9: probably I won't be the best parent in the world, but I'll be always by your side. I'll love you, respect you, support you

#10: believe in Allah, stay classy, think positive, love yourselves, follow your instincts, respect others ideas, be honest.

#11: don't worry, I'm gonna try to be the coolest mom in the can share anything with me and I promise you that :)

#12: don't be one of those kids who run around in restaurants & make lots of noise. Please behave.

#13: you'll be as handsome as your dad and as beautiful as your mom. To my eyes at least.

#14: trust only one, Allah. Make Allah as the only god in this universe. Make Al-Quran as a guide and compass of life.

#15: you can do every hobby there is to keep all career paths open.

Amboi, ha ha i know why my mom and dad always say this and that. Ini baru jer entry dan pesanan ringkas, rasernya x cukup-cukup lagi, macam banyak gila pesanan yang nak diberi. Aduyaiii... It's true la what mama said, once you are going to be a mother later in your life or ada naluri keibuan tu or thinking bout it, someday somehow, you gonna feel what your parents feel and always wanted to tell their children. Seriously, belum apa-apa lagi, I feel it is such a long list la jugak.

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