Somewhat Kind of Irritation or Infection

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Hu hu hu... I love to wear studs kind of earrings especially silver earrings... tapi lately nih...sedey nak citer... lubang subang kat telinga tu cam dah tak ley nak terima silver studs earrings or any kind of silver earrings or any kind of accessories earrings agaknya... Sebab whenever saya pakai, mesti ada irritation kat telinga di sekitar lubang tu...

Ala...dulu x keysah pown silver ker gold ke...semua okay jer...skarang ni mengada-ngada pulak nak gold la pulak... hu hu hu... nampak gayanya kalau nak pakai jugak silver look a like kena la beli white gold... Aduyaiii... Don't know why jadi cenggitu... Suddenly pulaks... Takkan disebabkan oleh peningkatan umur pulak... Ekekekekeke... 

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  1. makin meningkat umur, makin high maintenance kita mmg fobia dgn earring, sbb dulu masa pakai earring time kecik, telinga berdarah sbb tersangkut kat baju.. ohhhhmooooo hakhakak...jgn geli ahhh, xteruk pon

  2. x geli...cuma cam ngeri boleh terbayangkan macam mana...ouch...mesti sakit kan awak?

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