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The beginning of something new in life, dah tentunya akan mengubah schedule dalam hidup kita jugak sekaligus...sama ada kita sedar atau tak, directly or indirectly...Kadang-kadang kita x expect pun perubahan tu berlaku...but then that's the flow of life... It depends, kalau kita memang sentiasa yang jenis planning ahead of what's waiting in front of us, tak der la tergezut beruk sangat...tapi if kita jenis yang let everything come by the flow and unprepared, memang tak dinafikan agak kelam kelibut jugak lah nak adapt or nak adjust into the situation...

Daya imaginasi saya ni mungkin tinggi sikit kot... lols... suka sangat imagine things that not yet happened dan come up with contigency plans... lols.. Tak der least when something happened then you are actually ready for it... 

4 July 2012, something new in my life has happened... of course tak sedikit sebanyak it's affected my life schedule jugak... and 1 August 2012, akan ada sesuatu yang baru lagi akan berlaku.... Insya-Allah... so, dah kene start imagine, planning and save dlm memory otak ni dah on daily life flow... Kalau dulu, boleh bangun pagi pukul 6 or 6.30 pagi paling lewat waktu hari bekerja, but then starting dari 1 August 2012 dah tak bley dah... At least 4.30 pagi tu dah kene berjaga, siap-siap dan dalam pukul 6 - 6.30 pagi tu dah nak kena start ada on the road dah.. and I have to ensure yang I reached the office at least by 8.15am... Awal giler tak? Eventhough masuk keje pukul 9.00 am... Hik hik hik..

Dah tu, timing for everything pun will not be the same anymore... But then again, rasanya Insya-Allah, I will feel my life more equipped, full of excitement and activities... At least tak der la rasa lonely sangat kan in life when alone by myself di saat ketiadaan my better half as our time together agak limited disebabkan oleh kesibukan masing-masing dengan apa yang perlu dipenuhi dalam hidup... :) 

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