Lucky Enough To Find The One

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Isn't it weird to think about how there could be one person out there in the world who can make you short of breath, makes your heart skip a beat, who makes reality better than any dream you could possibly have, and make every other cliche about love actually mean something; That one person out there can make you fall in love? (inilah dikatakan suratan, jodoh dan takdir...:) heee) 

Maybe you're with this person right now. Maybe you're crushing on this person at this very moment. Maybe that person is still out there awaiting the time until you finally meet. Or maybe you're thinking about this person as you're reading these words.

Isn't odd it odd how we willing give up our hearts leaving us in a state of vulnerability just because you know somehow that you can trust with it? That this is the one person who can make you feel like no one else can, like every moment spent with them is more incredible than the last. Can you even begin to comprehend how unbelievable it is how one other person can be all you think about, who makes you feel on top of the world, safe when you're in their arms and makes you believe that in the end, you can get through anything because you have them in your life? 

And when you meet this person who you fall deeply in love with, then it's hard to imagine how anyone else in this world can or will ever make you feel the way they do. How they make you laugh, how they make you smile, and how they become part of you that you will never willingly let go. When you're with them, you can't help but believe in love and fate that you found this person out of billions of people in this world. That you were lucky enough to find the one.

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  1. well,i'm not lucky enough now...hahah still can't find one laa..i have to love myself first, then i can love others...i have to find my happiness first, then i can share to people i love...kannnn... awak dah ada kan?hihihi... honestly kita xpenah rasa dup dap ke, xleh tido ke,angau ke...sampaikan kita rasa itu smua di alam mimpi je... hohoho

  2. yesh... i agree... you have to love yourself first then only you can love others... day awak akan jumpa jugak dan rasakan pada masa tu you are one of the luckiest person ever existed in the world...

    pengakuan kedua...yesh...saya dah jumpa dah dan dah ada my better half...setelah jauh jugak perjalanan hidup nih... upon few years of waiting for that right person or prince charming to come... unexpected but then like people said... kalau dah jodoh tak ke mana ye tak?

    umur pun bukan muda lagi wak... awak lain la...muda dari kita... ;) kita doakan awak...aminnn....

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