Clumsy Friggin’ Dork Syndrome

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Happen to read a blog post where the author described his condition as Clumsy Friggin' Dork Syndrome. I have met and know a lot of people like this, and it's characterized by tripping over your own feet, running into things, and just generally being uncomfortable with three-dimensional world. It occurs to me sometime though. Lols...

It is something that many people take for granted as a permanent part of their life, but I respectfully disagree. Graceful movement is the opposite of being clumsy, and like everything in life, some people are naturally good at things, and some people have to learn them. If you are alive, you can learn and improve.

This is how to start:

Begin by accepting the fact that you have Clumsy Friggin' Dork Syndrome. It's the way Allah made you, and you will have to deal with it for the rest of your life. But accepting it and thinking that you can't do anything about it are two completely different things. You can do something about it!

Do a self-analysis. Do you run into walls, trip over things, drop things that are handed to you? This may be funny in a You-Tube video, but in real life, it's pretty unpleasant. And while this may be a funny and self-effacing thing to talk about, in reality if you have Clumsy Friggin' Dork Syndrome people will be a little nervous around you. Especially, if you are carrying drinks for them from the kitchen.

Examine your physical defects. Clumsy Friggin' Dork Syndrom can be aggravated by vestibular difficulties, such as damage to your inner ear, or ankle or knee problems. It can also, of course, be caused by brain damage. But don't let the evaluation of your physical defects discourage you! You will find that a lot of people have these types of physical problems. And while they may never dance on the floor, they can greatly improve their graceful movement. 

Set your mind to it. Like anything in life, if you want your body to go somewhere, your mind must lead. And the first step, after you have accepted that you suffer from Clumsy Friggin' Dork Syndrom, is to convince yourself that you can get better. Like taking any steps towards self-improvement, you will find that some people will encourage you and some people will discourage you. Stay away from negative people - or just don't talk to them about it. 

Begin with small steps. If you have Clumsy Friggin' Dork Syndrome, you will need to focus and concentrate more than someone who is naturally graceful. Picture your movements as graceful, and it will happen. 

You can do this! 

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