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So here I was, stumbling upon and mostly procrastinating (let's face it) and along came this random webpage:

Beauty Role Models @ ... Hurmmm....

We've seen this over and over on the magazines, on the Internet... But most of us tend to forget it: Me being one of those who forget it. So I've become increasingly upset watching the link above. 

Everyday we get up and prepare ourselves for the day. We have a shower, comb our hair, put on some moisturizer, blah, blah, blah... And then we go out and start to see banners on the subway, on bus stop and so on... And there is where we start to feel small, then smaller, tiny, insignificant, horrible and we finally get back home wishing we were invisible. Every single day. And we put on our comfy clothing and sit by the sofa and keep on seeing these goddesses on TV. Eventually we see our reflection on a mirror and deep down we think. No wonder why I am still single. 

Alright! Enough of it. Have you honestly looked closer to our beauty role models? 

If they hadn't had some plastic surgery, they would look like the rest of the mortals, and most of the time, worse than all of you ladies. I have seen many pictures that all of us post in FB and let's face it, you are way more beautiful than they are. You are beautiful ladies who have not had any body modification. Now, if you had the same plastic surgery than those celebrities have on their face and bodies, don't you honestly think you'd be way more stunning than they are? 

Yesh, they live for the image and we don't, that much is true. But why all the media is obsessed with selling us smoke? Of course there will always be someone taller or more pretty or whatever, we can cope with that. What creates mortals bad digestions is the fact that they make us believe we are never going to achieve that level of perfection. O.K. Entertainment Industries hand us a big fat check and see what we could do. Or even better, keep your divas the way they are... Or are you too afraid to show that they are just like us? Scarlett Johansson's photo nose for instance.

Instead, I say we should do the following. Every time we see ourselves reflected somewhere, let's make sure to remember, every single time, that you all are pretty in a natural way. There is no artificial stuff all over you and your little insecurities are in fact what makes you even prettier. Because you are not a copy of some design. You are authentic and "chemistry free". 

Now, isn't that way more attractive than the other way round? 

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