Cinta Zaman Sebelum Kiter...

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Ermmm... lepas tengok satu tele-movie ni tetiber terpacul plak nak wat entry pasal cinta orang-orang zaman sebelum kiter... heee...maksudnyer...cinta orang dulu-dulu ler...termasuk cinta mak ayah kiter...

Saye tak tau la ngan orang lain kan? Tapi rasernyer cam cinta zaman dulu-dulu... jarang sangat kot nak nampak couple pegang-pegang tangan or express openly kat public perasaan cinta as what yang kita semua lakukan dalam zaman sekarang.... Dah tu.... cinta orang dulu dulu ni... diaorang berbual cam kengkawan biasa jer and jarang jugak ler nak dengar werdings such as "darling", "sayang" etc... except for those yang dah kahwin kowt? (hee tak sure sangat sebenarnyer)... Tapi yang miracle-nyer... cinta orang dulu dulu kebanyakkannyer kekal sehingga ke akhir hayat... Thumbs up! And bender yang kiter bley realize...cinta orang dulu dulu nih...sekali pandang kita x nampak cinta mereka tapi kasih sayang diaorang very sacred and memang x samer dengan kasih sayang yang dipaksa-paksa atau dibuat-buat....Biler diaorang love someone... they really love and mean it...and diaorang sanggup lakukan aper sajer...and cinta orang dulu-dulu kebanyakkannyer setia ler nak katerkan...

Superb tak orang dulu-dulu? Their love is not whatever portrayed from werdings, presents and gifts or love writing kat social network such as Facebook or MySpace or Twitter etc. It is more than that... lebih hebat dari tu...Cam kisah cinta parents Tun Dr Mahathir... Kalau nak bacer kisah ni ley ler bacer buku Tun Dr Mahathir yang title dier... A Doctor In The House

Tun Dr Mahathir sendiri cakap:

"Observing my parents as I was growing up also taught me to value the concept of the family. My parents were very close. At night my father would sit on the floor, stretch his legs and lean against the main pillar of the house to talk to my mother. The pillar was his favourite spot and it was worn smooth over the years because he leaned against it so often. He would smoke cheroot cigars and she would chew betel leaves. I do not know what they discussed but they were good companions and seemed to have something to talk about all the time. They did not demonstrate their affection for each other as it was unbecoming to do so, but I know they loved each other very much" -Tun Dr Mahathir, A Doctor In The House, page 18 to 19. 

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