Untuk Kekalkan?

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I promise to love you forever - every single day of forever...

Untuk cakap memang senang kan? http://www.cute-smiley.com... Tapi nak tunaikan? Is it as easy as saying? Hurm... Something to ponder about together aitt?

Nak wujudkan perasaan cinta, kasih dan sayang tu memang amat mudah kerana it is something yang membuatkan kiter happy dan girang. Tapi... untuk kekalkan?  Is it as easy as falling in love? X derlah bermaksud sayer wat entri nih cause sayer ader masalah ngan En Tunang sayer...tapi tetiber this thought tap out from my mind... Hee...Biaserler... biler golek-golek atas katil ni nak melayan mater ader jer la mender-mender yang terpikir secare tiber-tiber... Spontaneous idea of bloging ler nih...http://www.cute-smiley.com (peace no war!)

Pernah x bayangkan? Sekarang kiter sayunk someone sangat-sangat... And that someone sayunk kiter sangat-sangat... Lepas tu, sekarang ni segalanya indah, segalanya manis dan segalanya wangi belaka... Tapi 2 or 3 years down the road things might be changing? Macam mana reaction kiter maser tu? How will we accept it? Or... untuk avoid changes ni from happening... what we need to do in order to maintain what we have? Uhukss...complex sungguh kan?
Sayer memang cam ni... benda ekceli x yah nak di-complex-kan tapi still nak complex-kan jugak...http://www.cute-smiley.com...tapi x salah kot kalau kiter just uji minda kita with things... to foresee and analyse situations, conditions, what if consequences.... macam one of my ex-bosses cakap... what ever it is we always have to come prepared... X der la doa something bad happen dengan relationship saya dan En Tunang... tapi this is just a thought of a naughty mind... Cumer suddenly terpikir jer...

Nowadays, it's not a surprise anymore for majority of young couple divorce, broke up biler dah x dapat nak kekalkan all those sweet things.... Jadi, lesson of the day... to fall in love is easy, to jump into a serious relationship commitment is easy but then to maintain the relationship it's not an easy task... kat sini... ekcelli... young couple is advisable to learn from example of the veterans successful marriage that last long for so many many years.... and young couple is advisable to deeply understands and apply the real concept of relationship and commitment... termasuklah diri sayer jugak... heee....

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