Biggest Loser Series & Jillian Michaels

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Nowadays, dah terikut-ikut my mum tengok Biggest Loser Series and also Losing It With Jillian Ways @ Astro Diva (Channel 702)... Best la pulak layan tengok this series... and wow, just look @ the ways they manage to put down so many pounds in just few weeks MySpace... Thumbs up and a very good show and brilliant idea of the person who responsible to put up the idea for the show....

He he he...maybe trainee trainee kat dalam campus tu tak suka sangat or tak gemar dengan Jillian Michaels...tapi saya suka! Cara dia train all the trainees under her very good... She's an excellent trainer... He he he...

MySpace Ketegasan dan kegarangan dia tu untuk kebaikan trainees dia jugak and it works! Kalaulah Jillian tu ada kat Malaysia... dah lama dah saya suh dia train saya... Heee.... Nak jugak kan walaupun tak lah se'big' contestants dalam series tu.... Just nak repair repair sikit jer....

Anyway, disebabkan saya adore Jillian Michaels so much saya pun pegi visit official website Jillian at ... Best la website dier banyak info on weight loss plan dari segi diet, fitness and also ader weight loss tools for members.... Sapa sapa pun boleh sign up kat website Jillian nih... To those yang interested to loose some more weight maybe could peek a look at Jillian website...Mana tau kot kot info yang ada kat situ berguna... He he he....

Source from: Google -  The Magic Ali

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