TIPS On Buying A GOOD And Good Furniture


When you have a very restricted budget to adhere to, buying any type of home furniture would seem to be a challenge. The living room is a very important part of the home. More often than not, it serves as the identity of the whole house and it is the first place seen by members of the household and visitors. Regardless of how much money you have, you would still want to have a nice looking fabric sofa or a presentable looking coffee table. Sadly, retail furniture shops are not quite the solution for anything that is cheap and good. Rental in countries such as Singapore and Malaysia are not exactly low. With overheads like that, the term ‘cheap’ or ‘economical’ may be totally non-existent.

This is where we should decide to divert our efforts towards sourcing for furniture online. Cheap furniture in Singapore or Malaysia is not a rare find if you look hard enough. Purchasing furniture online can be very tricky though. Since you are not able to touch and see your furniture, you may very well become a victim of product misrepresentation! Today, I am going to share some tips with regard to buying good home furniture that do not burn a huge hole in your pockets. I hope you enjoy this! Smile.

1. Understanding Your Buyer Rights


Most popular online furniture shops such as Masons Home Décor use payment processers such as Paypal or Stripe. Such payment processors value buyer protection very much. Buyers are actually able to raise disputes for any noncompliance on the sellers end. For example, if the goods do not arrive, or if they are completely different to the product description or image, you are entitled to raise a dispute which would result in you receiving a full refund if the seller does not have a good reason for the outcome. The last thing a buyer would want would be to pay for something online and never ever see the product you purchased!

2. Choose A Reputable Furniture Or Home Décor Store

There are many ways to determine what a reputable online store is. You could check out for the following:
  • Facebook or Google Reviews;
  • A legitimate office address and telephone number;
  • Articles regarding the business or articles talking about product reviews from the business.

Here are some ways to prevent yourself from being a victim of product misrepresentation:
  • If you can communicate with the seller via e-mail or text, request for images taken with a mobile phone
  • Shortlist stores that provide product videos

While some of the above may be a little hard to find, you can be sure that you will receive what you expect.

3. Wait For A Promotion Or Look For A Code


Almost all online businesses practice percentage promotions. Some of these promotions are extended to all visitors of the website, while some are specially sent to individuals who have met a certain criteria. Events such as Black Friday or Cyber Monday will be shopping heaven for most consumers as all online businesses tend to slash their prices only for these days. In other countries, people actually become physically abusive to ensure that they become the owners of certain products at those discounted rates. Furniture is not exactly a small ticket item. Searching for the right one takes some time. It would be worth the extra wait! Black Friday in 2018 will fall on 23 November 2018 and Cyber Monday falls on the following Monday. Be prepared!


So, let’s say you are in a situation where you need your TV console urgently and you are unable to wait till November. What should you do? Eye rolling smile Do a quick search online for discount codes! It is common for businesses to tie up with other organizations or celebrities. Discount codes are usually issued. Search for them online and secure those savings! Winking smile

4. Do Your  Homework


On most occasions, buyers tend to care too much of the cost that they are going to bear. So much so that they neglect other practical details such as the suitable dimensions of the new furniture they should be getting, or if there are any potential limitations of the newly acquired item. For example, getting a solid wood dining table just by knowing how many seater it is and not checking whether its dimensions fit in the desired space of your home is certainly asking for trouble. Also, getting a fabric sofa despite having a cat that loves to scratch against cloth boards is most definitely undesirable too.

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