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Breastfeeding - Baby Tracker Apps

This is kinda cool stuff for mommies! Even though, Ash is not being breastfed, it is not wrong for me to share it with the breastfeeding mommies nation ain't it? 

Baby tracker: Record and analyze the breastfeeding times, complementary feedings, sleeps, cryings, weight, length/height and head circumference of your baby as well as your pumping times. Widgets included, no advertisements! 

Breastfeeding Tracker
  • Record simply and intuitively when and on which side the baby is nursed. 
  • Breastfeedings can be joined into one meal. 
  • Graphical analysis of the daily breastfeedings and meal. 
  • Display your typical breastfeeding times: When does your baby typically hungry? Supported time frames: 24 hours, 3 days, 1 week, 1 month, all.
  • Overview of all breastfeeding times on record. 
  • Export the recorded data to csv. 
  • Export the graph to png-images. 
  • Import existing data from a csv file.
  • Widget including start, pause and stop buttons (two sizes, small and big) 
Pumping Tracker
  • You can also record and analyze pumpings (time and quantity).
  • You can add comments to each record. 
  • Widget including start and stop buttons.

Feeding Tracker
  • You can also record and analyze complementary food or baby bottles. 
  • Breast feedinga and complementary food can be joined into one meal.
  • You can add comments to each meal. That way you can document e.g. nursing positions. 
  • Widget included feeding button.

Sleeping Tracker
  • You can also record when your baby is sleeping or crying. 
  • Widget "Sleeping" including start, pause and stop buttons. (two sizes, small and big).

Events Tracker
  • You can also record events (bath, temperature, diapers,....)
  • You can define your own events. 
  • You can add reminders to each event.
  • Widget "Events" (resizable)

Measurement Tracker 
  • You can also record weight, length/height and head circumference of your baby. 
  • Graphical analysis of weight, length/height and head circumference with percentile charts (WHO Standards)
Well, I may not be the expert on breastfeeding techniques, tips or issues etc...So I couldn't comments much on the breasfeeding yeah? However, I do sees that this apps is something beneficial for mommies. Especially new mommies...:-) How far it will benefit the mommies? That's for you to explore and get to experience this apps on your own... You could try this by downloading this app on the PlayStore yeah? iTunes I am not so very sure about it but I am sure there are plenty selections for this kind of app, you could give it a try at the PlayStore HERE. ;-)

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