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SPECIAL GIVEAWAY by therosputih

Firstly, thankie Cik therosputih sebab sudi join my first segment as blogger...^_^ appreciate dan terharu sangat-sangat... 

2ndly, thankie Cik therosputih sebab personally jemput saya join your special giveaway... Jadi sebagai memenuhi undangan dari seorang sahabat...^_^ saya join \^_^/ yeay....

Tapiiii...buat masa sekarang kotak pemikiran x berapa nak kreatif... hu hu hu...sowee...biasalah Sunday kannn? mood chillexing and lemau ada di situ... Apa-apa pown...jom uolss...kita meriahkan lagi GA nih?

Jom jom jom...ape tunggu lagi! Nak tau maklumat lanjut click kat gambar kat atas ek... ^_^

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Author : F.A.R.A.H.W.A.H.E.D.A Terimakasih telah berkunjung

Artikel SPECIAL GIVEAWAY by therosputih, diterbitkan oleh F.A.R.A.H.W.A.H.E.D.A pada hari Sunday, October 28, 2012.Enjoy Reading this!.About me: F.A.R.A.H.W.A.H.E.D.A Working Mommy Blogger of 1 (a boy). I blog about everything that moms love...mommyhood, beauty, fashion, health, food, tech and travel. Being a mom of 1 young kids, I like to find a balance between blogging about family related topics and things that are just for mom :) My blogs primary objective is to share my experiences with my readers, so it might help them with anything similar they may be experiencing, or to introduce them to new ideas. I blog from Selangor, Malaysia and have a preschooler toddler.


  1. terima kasih sudi join ga saya...rebut peluang untuk jadi pengomen terbanyak...=)

  2. Wahhhh2..happy segmen dear..same lah otak beku skunk..hihiihh

  3. @therosputih:
    no worries and it's my pleasure...InsyaAllah dearie...I will try my best...

    @Cik Azlyzah:
    tu lah... nak cairkan tapi tak cair-cair lagi sampai sekarang....

  4. hehehee...agak nye terlalu makan daging korban kot..Ade dapat daging korban tak dear?

  5. he he he...x jugak...daging korban belum masak lagi...opkosss ler ader dapat... ^_^

  6. Haippppppp...jgn terlalu makan daging..kang high blood plak..hiihhhh

  7. occay occay... xkan terlalu makan daging...dengar nasihat Cikkkk cayang...


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